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Japanese Hakata Doll Gallery Sasanqua is established as the first and only web shop that introduces to you "Proudly-Made-In-Hakata Japan" Hakata Dolls.

Sasanqua, is a beautiful flower and it is known as the official flower symbol of Fukuoka City which has Hakata region as its part nowadays.
Likewise, a Hakata Doll is as beautiful as the flower and it also symbolizes Fukuoka City. This lies behind the name of website.

The founder of this gallery was born and raised near Hakata throughout his childhood in an environment where Hakata Dolls were quite popular as they were commonly seen at such places like entrances or living rooms at homes. He was really surrounded by Hakata Dolls.

As he grew up he "rediscovered" their elegance as well as excellence in artisans' skill. Then the desire came to his mind to start up a website for internationals outside of Japan to introduce Hakata Dolls and to provide them with the information and opportunities to reach and cherish them.

We are more than happy to share with you the joy coming through these fantastic Hakata Dolls.
Find your best Hakata Dolls at Japanese Hakata Doll Gallery Sasanqua .

Ishimura Nobuyoshi
Web Gallery Owner

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