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Akitoshi Matsuo was born in Hakata in February 1934. After he became an independent artist in 1958, Akitoshi Matsuo has been involved in the manufacture, wholesale and retail of Hakata dolls as the representative of Biken Kogeisha, Ltd.
His contribution in the making of Hakata dolls are well known not just within his prefecture but also in the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan. He is especially well known for "Bijin Mono" ("Beautiful Lady") and "Warabe Mono" ("Children") themed dolls. His works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and shows and has won many awards.
Currently , Mr. Matsuo is also contributing to the development of the Hakata doll industry as vice director of the Union of Hakata Doll Manufactures and Suppliers , Fukuoka Japan.